Lenten roses. 

Hellebores, also called Lenten Roses, are so named because they bloom during Lent. At least for everyone else they do. They also like shade. At least for everyone else they do. My hellebores start blooming in March and continue to bloom in the heat of the summer months, in full sun, without being watered, until frost. This week I tried an experiment and cut them for an arrangement, that’s how desperate I am for flowers indoors. I love the look of the droopy flowers in this bowl vase.  

The experiment failed. The blooms lasted only a day until they drooped even more (read wilted). Tried to fluff and coax them, and that bought me 1 extra day. Just learned that the word “hellebore” derives from the Greek meaning “to injure” and “food.” Now that I know they are highly toxic, that Hippocrates used them to purge himself, and that they are used in witchcraft to summon evil, my hellebores will be living their lives outdoors. 


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