An experiment in rooting.

I’m attempting to root forsythia, pussy willow, and quince for the first time. Did a lot of research. Here are my tips:

I filled an old kitty litter container with potting soil and used a wide magic marker to make deep holes in the dirt. Clipped branches to about 10 inches long, removed leaves and flowers except at the top of the stems, and gently scored the bark near the bottom 3 inches to reveal the green layer below. I dipped each branch in rooting powder, gently placed it in a hole, and packed the soil a bit. Gave the container a nice soaking, and that’s it. What I find interesting is that while every article has variations on what to do, each mentions the importance of misting and covering the container with plastic wrap. Not sure why that’s essential if root growth is happening below the soil line. Anyway, I’m supposed to wait 2 weeks and then take a look on April 5th. Could be a catastrophic failure. Or not. 

I do most of my cutting and flower arranging on the island in my kitchen. Here’s how everything looked post planting. Thank heavens my husband is a very forgiving man!


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