A heck of a lot of crazy in my garden!

Asiatic Lily, yellow Missouri Primrose, and a whole lotta purple–Foxglove, Bachelor’s Button, Little Spire Russian Sage, Lychnis, and Nigella–are in bloom.

I “acquired” the primrose and foxglove in the middle of the night from the garden of a nearby monastery that was to be torn down. Foxglove is also called witch’s gloves and dead man’s bells because of its high toxicity from root to flower. Never bring it in the house if you have pets!

The rest of the plants were either transplanted from my mother’s garden or bartered with other gardeners–my favorite ways to get them!



Cut these beautiful stems during a break in Baltimore’s torrential rain. Zéphirine Drouhin roses are fabulous because they are climbing Bourbon roses, which means that their blooming season runs from late spring into fall. What makes this hot pink climbing rose great is that it is amazingly fragrant, thornless, highly disease resistant, and grows well in full sun to partial shade. I’ve been able to cut enough stems for seven huge vases, with plenty of blooms to spare.

I’d be a rich woman!

I’m in such need of spring blossoms that I popped into the shop of a local grower today. She had gorgeous blooms. And as I gathered a loose bunch, a bucket of Hellebores caught my eye. Don’t mind saying that I thought three dollars a stem for Hellebores was a little pricey. Just then I remembered that Lenten Roses grow in my own gardens, and I bee lined home to cut some.

Fragrant Hellebore with ‘ Blue Lady ‘ Hellebore thrown in for good measure.

You are looking at an informal arrangement of various Hellebore varieties from my garden. At the going rate of three dollars a stem, this baby would set you back $51.00, and I’d be on my way to being a rich woman!