In Like a Lion.

It’s perfect that the first post in my garden blog begins with one of the earliest bloomers–daffodils! For years, beginning when I first moved to Somerset, I’ve kept a meticulous diary recording all aspects of my garden including when various plants, shrubs, and trees were planted, when they bloomed, how I prepped the soil, when I pruned, when I fertilized and how much, etc. I then compare these entries year to year.IMG_1250 My daffodils, sadly enough, mock me with their yellow faces! There is no rhyme or reason to the number of blooms my gardens produce each year. In 2010 I had 21 daffodils. Sadly, only three beauties bloomed this year. Perhaps that’s a result of the depth I planted them? Or more likely the result of a hungry and industrious squirrel digging up and eating my bulbs? Do you have any pointers?


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