Anam Cara 

Heart-shaped rock at Rudolph Falls by Susan Witmer Wolffe

There is a Celtic term, Anam Cara, meaning spirit friend. For me, Anam Cara is a place. It’s Richwood, WV, a stone’s throw from the amazingly beautiful Monongahela National Forest.

Cow Pasture Trail by Jeromy Rose

Cow Pasture Trail by Jeromy Rose

Richwood is the hometown of my good buddy Jeromy, whom I’ve visited for thirty years and with whom I’ve mule packed, swum in Rudolph Falls, canoed at midnight on Summit Lake, fished, and hiked. Breathtaking views and flora do my soul good. 

Rudolph Falls rocks worn smooth by Susan Witmer Wolffe

Water lilies at Summit Lake by Susan Witmer Wolffe