Firing my Landscape Crew!

Weeding, cutting the grass, edging beds, and watering are incredibly rewarding and relaxing. Outside work creates moments of Zen for me, much like meditation does for others. The peace and quiet of working alone outside is heaven. 

And then this happened. 

Caught red handed

This is Spud. She likes nothing better than to lie in a sunny spot in the grass or in our raised vegetable bed and oversee my gardening endeavors. I find her overly judgmental most of the time. It’s my fault really. I made a tactical error by having her outside with me while I fertilized my roses. I scratched around the bushes before fertilizing, and I should have known better. Since I had been scratching, clearly it meant that when I went inside, Spud needed to finish the job–by digging a pit and exposing the roots. It was all I could do to control myself. I’ll just consider it aeration. But she’s still fired. 


Red camellia in Rehoboth.

A neighbor very kindly offers her house off season in Rehoboth Beach. We love to go in March when we can enjoy the quiet of the town and walk our pit bull Spud on the beach without fear of scaring, say, an elderly woman as she walks towards us with her Pekingese. Gale-force winds hit Rehoboth. And today I was able to find the only camellia bloom that wasn’t hit by freezing temperatures. Camellias are such an early bloomer that often the buds die of cold before even opening. So glad I was able to capture this one.