Just hold off a day or two!

I love a snow day as much as the next girl, but in the winter, not in the second week of March after a balmy January and February. Everything has been tricked to pop out sooner. The problem is that we’re expecting a pounding of snow overnight. Our first snow of the season, really, which is a little unheard of in Zone 7. If the snow could have held off just 2 more days, my cherry tree buds would have been open enough to cut a few branches. As it stands, I have only this blurry photo (the wind had picked up) of the tiny looking things. Am hoping freezing weather won’t cause all the buds to drop.


My neighbor’s quince. 

My neighbor Carol, who owns the exceptionally well curated Gray Antiques and Interiors, has the most beautiful quince cultivar that I’ve ever seen. Not too brick-colored, and not too light. We’ve lived across from each other for 14 years, and I’ve coveted it from day 1. I bought what I thought was the same shade at least 3 times. Alas! No luck. So this year, with the branches Carol gave me, I’m going to try to root it. Early bloomers pussy willow and forsythia are easy to root. Not so sure about quince. If you’ve had luck, let me know.



Even scrappy Howard loves quince!